About Purchasing CPAP Equipment Online

At the Sleep and Lifestyle Clinic we understand the convenience of buying your equipment online. We have some of our most popular products available in our online shop for those who prefer this method of purchasing and know what equipment they require. Unlike many of our online competitors we are Australian owned and operated. Your purchase will support the Australian community.ausflag

We do stress the importance of visiting one of our store locations if you are unsure about any of the equipment you may require and for our full range of products. We do not sell CPAP machines online as the set-up of your CPAP device, mask type and size will be different for everyone. At the Sleep and Lifestyle Clinic we use a personalized approach to your therapy through face-to-face consultation.

ResMed and Fisher and Paykel does not allow us to mail complete masks from our online store, these must be picked up in store at the Sleep and Lifestyle Clinic 61 Dundas Court, Phillip ACT 2606. It may not be as convenient as purchasing online, however, this way we can make sure you have a comfortable and correctly sized mask. These masks can be pre-purchased online prior to pick-up if preferred (Click and Collect). All spare parts are available for purchase and have mailing options.

If you just require replacement parts for your CPAP mask, we have three mailing options:

  • In-store pick-up (available within one working day. FREE)
  • Express shipping (1-3 working days through AusPost, charges apply)
  • Standard shipping (3-7 working days through AusPost, charges apply)

and now:

  • FREE STANDARD SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS OVER $50 (excluding complete masks which must be picked up in-store)


If you have join our partners program in store you may be entiled to 5% off the total cost of your items purchased on the online store. Please contact us or call 02 6162 1802 if you do not yet have your discount code.

Please note: Discount vouchers, such as the Partners Program discount, when used at checkout is only applied to the total price of items purchased and are not applied to the price of shipping. Discounts can only be applied at checkout. No discounts can be applied after the item has been purchased. Only one discount voucher can be applied per purchase.

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